Repair Shops On The Road

When a musician spends any amount of time on the road, the chances of needing an emergency repair dramatically increase.  I have been lucky enough to meet some fantastic technicians during my time on the road and have posted links to their sites below.

Cosmo Music Warehouse - Richmond Hill, ON
Technician - Kevin Rohm

​Miles Ahead Music - Louisville, KY
Technician - Miles Davis

Naylor's Custom Wind Repair - Denver, CO
Technician - Larry Naylor

Ridenour Clarinet Products - Dallas, TX
Technician - Tom Ridenour

Meyer Music - Grand Rapids, MI
Technician - Mike Lutley

Taplin Weir - Toronto, ON
Technician - John Weir
JL Woodwind Repair - New York, NY
Technician - John Leadbetter
Cannonball Musical Instruments
Anderson and Petty


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